Keno Glossary of Terms

CALL – Initiates drawing of the numbers for each game.

CATCH/CAUGHT – As in, “I caught only 2 numbers” or “I plan to catch everything today!” refers to marking a number on your keno ticket that has or will been drawn.

COMBINATION WAY TICKET – Spreading money over several combinations by betting groups of numbers in several different ways.

KENO BOARD – Like a Bingo Board, only it’s always electronic. The Keno Board displays the winning keno numbers.

KENO LOUNGE – The area in the casino where keno is played.

KENO RUNNER – An employee of a casino who a) delivers your bet from your location to the keno writer and b) delivers payments for winning tickets.

NUMBER POOL – The numbers between (typically) 1 to 80 that you choose to play.

SPOT – Any specific number the player chooses, and, the numbers selected on a played ticket.

TOUCH WAND – The pointing device and method that some video keno machines offer for number selection.

WAY TICKET – A type of Keno ticket that clusters different numbers in order to create multiple ways to win.